How to integrate IDM with Chrome manually

IDM is the fastest download manager available in market. Most people prefer IDM (Internet Download Manager) over other download managers because of its high speed, resume capability and ability to download large size files. Using IDM one can download flash or streaming videos while playing in browsers. Some websites do not allow downloading videos. Sites like YouTube , Dailymotion etc. allows user only to watch videos. In order to download videos from such sites IDM has been a very handy tool over the years. But it is reported by some people that they are unable to integrate IDM fully in their favorite browser Google Chrome. Hence we decided to guide you how to integrate IDM with Chrome by some manual methods.

Some people had reportedly told that they are facing such error message in Google Chrome after installing IDM.

If you too are getting this message then you have to perform following steps in order to integrate IDM fully in Google Chrome. Even if you are not getting this message we recommend you to do these steps prior to any download using IDM.

Steps for How to integrate IDM with Chrome :

Step 1 :

Assume you have installed IDM .

Now Open Chrome > Options > Settings > Extensions

Make this window open in background and do not close chrome.

Step 2 :

Now go to Program Files > Internet Download Manager

In this folder you will find a file named as “IDMGCExt.crx”. This file is specially designed to integrate IDM with Google Chrome. Now as shown below drag this file and drop it to the extensions window of the Google chrome that you kept open in the background.

Step 3:

After dropping the file in the extensions window a pop-up window will appear which will ask your choice like below.

Step 4:

Click on Add Extension to integrate IDM on Chrome. Now go to extensions window and you will see IDM in the list.

That’s all for how to integrate IDM with Chrome. In order to get this trick work correctly it is recommended that you have latest versions of Google Chrome and IDM installed in your system. Feel free to comment your queries and suggestions below.

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