Privacy Policy

Our team at gives primary importance to our visitor’s privacy. We do believe that for any website visitor , privacy should be taken care by the website itself. This privacy policy page outlines the types of personal information and user data processed by our blog. You must go through it once before you use any of our services.

Use of Cookies uses cookies to analyze and optimize content and visitor’s reading experience. Cookies are small pieces of data send from a website or blog and stored in visitor’s web browser. We use cookies to analyze information about visitor’s interests, preferences over specific content and customized our content based on visitor’s attachment rate over specific pages or contents. Although we avail a few resources about your personal data using cookies, we never share your personal info with other third party website. You can easily enable or disable use of cookies in your browser’s option or settings.

Use of duplicate content

There may be some website or blog who might use or republish our content without our permission. In such cases we will not be responsible for any inconvenience.

Don’t use any of your personal info to other such website or web-admires who impersonate as Techmediahub’s official.

Use of Advertisement Networks/Affiliate Links

We may show advertisement alongside with our content which can be from different advertisement networks. There are some ad networks that may use cookies to get user interest and preferences. We have no control over those cookies which are used by third party advertiser networks. In such cases if you need to disable ad-content you can follow steps suggested by individual advertisement networks.

Along with ad networks we may use affiliate links in some articles . Affiliate links are the ones which links to some third party websites which actually sells the product. We may use those product’s affiliate links in some of our articles to get commission as an affiliate.

Target Audience for is an technology related blog which mainly dedicated to provide product information, technology tricks and tips and How to’s. Hence our targeted audience will be mainly those people who needs help in buying a product or services or needs to fix any technical issues whether it might be software or hardware issues. Any age group people can get benefited with our content. However children under aged 15 years are directed to browse this website content with proper parental guidance.

Note :  We may change the privacy policy at any time. You are requested to check our privacy settings time to time. For any query and suggestions feel free to contact us by mailing at : [email protected]