How to convert & open ASPX file to PDF file

PDF we know as the most useful Portable Document Format for text or other document files. In day to day life we deal with PDF files whether in case of reading out favorite books or text books, notes on different topics, generated invoices on purchases, and what not. ASPX is an  another format for text documents which is not known by many people. In this article we will going to describe how you can convert ASPX to PDF file and easily open it.convert aspx to pdf

You may bother about why we need to convert ASPX to PDF file. So the main reason is the user friendliness and portability of PDF files. Another reason is that we need to install extra software called Dreamweaver to open ASPX file. Again Dreamweaver opens ASPX file as raw data sheet format. From the user friendliness point of view it is not the best way to view ASPX file. That is why one needs to convert ASPX to PDF to open it in a proper way.

Technically ASPX file format is given to internet media type text document just like HTML, PHP etc. If we directly try to open an ASPX file from our windows PC then Microsoft may POP-UP with an error like below.

convert aspx to pdf

You can see an error “Windows can’t open this file”.  After reading this article you will not face any such issues while trying to open an ASPX file.

Now we are ready to show you exact steps on how to open and convert ASPX to PDF file.

Steps to open a file with ASPX Extension:

To open an ASPX file open any web browser   like Google Chrome , Mozilla Firfox , Opera , UC browser  etc and drag the aspx file.

Step 1 : Open you browser.

Step 2 : Drag the ASPX file to any tab of the browser.

convert aspx to pdf

The best part is you don’t need to have any working internet connection to open the ASPX file.

Thus you can open an ASPX file with the help of web browser.

convert aspx to pdf

Next we will show the steps for converting an ASPX file to a better format (i.e : to PDF). It will be more helpful once you convert ASPX to PDF file. You need not have to open the browser and to drag the ASPX again and again.

Steps on how to convert ASPX to PDF

Step 1 :

Open your Google Chrome browser. If you don’t have google chrome installed on your PC then download Google Chrome browser from here  and install it .

Step 2 :

Drag the ASPX file and drop it to open in the Chrome browser. Up to step 2 everything is same as described above.

Step 3 :

Once your file is opened in chrome you need to press ctrl + P keys from your keyboard. This will open pop-up to asking to print the webpage. (Alternatively you can open this POP-Up by right click and selecting the print option)

convert aspx to pdf

Step 4 :

Click on change button and select the option “save as pdf”

convert aspx to pdf

convert aspx to pdf

Step 5 :

Lastly click on save button to browse and save the file in your computer as PDF.

convert aspx to pdf

Now you have successfully converted the ASPX to PDF file. From now onwards you need not have to open browser and drag and drop the ASPX file to view it. You can directly open the PDF version of the file with ADOBE reader or any other PDF reader which is a best way to view a document file.

Thus you can convert ASPX to PDF file easily. If you face any problem in the given trick then comment your queries below. We will try to solve it as soon as we are notified.

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