Backup your data for Free with Best Top Cloud Storage Services in 2018

Hello readers !! Welcome to another fresh article in our blog. Most of you probably heard about cloud , right ? Well for those  who are unaware about the term , cloud is generally used in the context of internet services. With cloud technology we can get various services in the form of applications like storing our data , sharing data to anyone who have access to internet and many more. Most important service of cloud is the ability to store user’s data and make it available whenever the user wants. Cloud storage services have become really helpful over the years and people are excessively using this cloud platform to store their data and files. The main benefits of cloud storage are portability and reliability. Once you store your data in cloud you don’t have to worry about losing your data . The cloud technology backups your data in different servers and your data becomes more safe compared to other physical storage medium. Moreover different encryption techniques are available in cloud technology so that no one can access your data without your confirmation. Thus cloud technology gains lots of importance among users and people have started using different cloud services available in the market. In this article we will provide a list of free best top cloud storage services that you can use to backup your data easily and effectively.

best top cloud storage services

List of Best Top Cloud Storage Services :

1 . Box

Box ( is an online cloud storage service established in 2005. It provides free as well as paid plans for storing your data. The free plan of Box service allows 10 GB of storage with an upload limit of 250 MB of file size.  There are so many variants of box premium plans . Once you sign up , you can check all of them and choose the one as per your need.

best top cloud storage services

box cloud services


2 . pCloud

pCloud is a  Switzerland based easy to use cloud storage platform established in 2013. According to their official site they have around 6 million users. pCloud offers 20GB of free storage while you sign up for the first time. They have two types of premium plans that allow users to store upto 500GB and 2TB of data respectively.

best top cloud storage srvices

3 . Dropbox

Dropbox  having 500 million user base is one of the largest and top cloud storage services available.  Dropbox provides faster uploading and downloading services. But compared to other cloud services Dropbox gives 2 GB of free storage after you have registered to the site. But later on you can upgrade your storage using their premium unlimited storage plans. You may also increase your storage capacity on Dropbox by referring it to your friends or sharing in social media. 

dropbox cloud storage

best top cloud storage services

4. Mega

Mega , a cloud giant was launched in 2013 and since then they have increased their user base near to millions. They are the only cloud service provider that uses browser based high performance end to end file encryption. I have personally used mega for a long time and its services are awesome. With mega’s easy drag and drop feature enhance the user experience to a next level. The best part of mega is that you can get 50 GB of storage for free as soon as you sign up to the system. You can easily easily import data from others mega account to your account in minutes. To increase your account storage beyond 50 GB you can avail some paid plans also.

best top cloud storage services

mega cloud storage services

5. Google Drive

I think most of us already using Google drive for a long time , right ? If not you must use it. After all Google Drive is owned by the technology giant Google. One think I don’t like about Google drive is their web interface. The design is good but for a slightly slow connection uploading and downloading take longer time compared to other cloud services. But whatever may be the factor we always believe Google’s products as best and this is a big reason to start with Google Drive Services. Once you sign up to Google Drive you will get 15 GB of free storage.

best top cloud storage services

best top cloud storage services

6. FlipDrive

FlipDrive is a New York based Cloud storage company that allows you to  store, access, share and backup all of your data in a secure server. Upon registration you will get free 1o GB of storage and later on with the help of premium plan you can increase the storage. It allows you to set custom permission for different people to access your data.

best top cloud storage services

flipdrive review

7. Hubic

A French data hosting company called OVH group launched an online cloud based solution and named it as hubic. It has nearly a million users till now and its growing rapidly. If you create an account on hubic today you will get 25 GB of storage for free. Hubic has its desktop clients with which you can easily upload and download your files.

top best cloud storage services


Final thoughts :

Hopefully our list of  best top cloud storage services helped you to find proper cloud storage platform to store your data.  But always maintain a strong password in any cloud storage services that you use. In our world privacy is the most important thing that nobody wants to compromise. Be secure ;Store securely and enjoy the cloud storage services.

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